Beyond Excellent

It’s only February and already so many amazing things have come out of working with Beyond Analysis. From their January burn-the-fat aerobics to prolific Valentine’s bake sale, from awesome Rett infographic to awareness raising article in none other than Third Sector Magazine, Beyond Analysis have already made some serious headway in terms of their impact on the effort to reverse rett. Infact, they have created such a vibe with all their efforts that it’s got people talking-which is great, except when we get to that question that inevitably sends us on the errrr….ummm road.

You see, until this week, we haven’t properly understood what it is that Beyond Analysis actually do. Even after visiting their offices a couple of times (think cool, big windows, swift working, fast moving, super clever people with a few lovely dogs meandering around) it somehow remained a total mystery. Yes, we could give you the blurb: BA are a leading customer insight and strategy business..etc. etc. but we still didn’t really get it until Wednesday of this week when we had the second of our monthly workshops with the Beyond Analysis team. This time the meeting was focused on data; an utterly terrifying word for those of us who are adverse to numbers or maths of any sort (me).

And here’s the magic. We thought we had just sent the team at BA a bunch of numbers. And, if we can be honest, not a very good bunch of numbers, because (if we are being honest) collecting numbers and information is not something we’ve done a great job at yet. But here’s what they did. They took the sparse information we gave them, cleaned it up, broke it down, turned it inside out and upside down and used it to ask questions that we’d never even thought of.


They made us think outside the box about who supports us and why and who else might support us, the different ways and reasons we might draw them in, and how, when these different people arrive at planet reverse rett with all their different reasons for touching down wherever they do (calling us, writing to us, googling us, facebook, twitter, blog, Just Giving) how we can give them their best opportunity to do something to impact the effort to speed treatment for Rett Syndrome.

And that’s what Beyond Analysis do. They take information; facts, statistics, (yess, data…) and they make it human. They don’t just look at a fact the way we might, as it stands, on the face of it and see it as a static thing. They unearth the driving forces behind it and from that perspective are able to elucidate the best possible pathways in terms of next steps that will benefit, (in our case) the supporter, the organisation and as always, above all, those research projects which are so critical for our children’s future.

Thank you, to everyone at Beyond Analysis for their continued support and general genius

Excavated Fact: Did you know that while only 6% of people who make direct donations to Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK add a message, those people represent 40% of the spend? 

And just when you might be thinking it’s all brain not brawn-check this out.This weekend, three of the brilliant BA-ers are running the horrifically named ‘Slay the Dragon’ 10K to raise funds for Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK. Big thanks and best wishes to Will, Sam and Paul. We wish you good luck and THANK YOU for doing what you can to help speed treatment for our children with Rett Syndrome.



About Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK

Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK is the only UK charity exclusively focused on the development of treatments and cures for Rett Syndrome and related MECP2 disorders. Registered charity number: 1136809
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